What's New & What's Changed In the new 2017 Dive-Oz?

At this point, there is technically not a lot that is "New", but a heck of a lot has changed! After much discussion and gripes about the new look we launched in 2014, I have decided to go back to a more cleaner, simpler look, should be very easy to ready now on any sized screen.

The CMS that drives the whole site was way out of date and I was no longer able to upgrade a number of core systems, so it was time to bite the bullet and break the site to fix the site. Break it I did, it took me a few days of rooting around, weeding out old parts that were no longer compatible.

Info Directories - 2 Sections Back Online

2 of the original dive site directories have been cleaned and placed back online, the Wreck dives and the jetty / pier dive sections are now live once more.

Discussion Forums - Upgraded

The new discussion forums are radically different and so much more powerful, we think you will love them, with this upgrade, we changed the forums up to the newest version. Take the time to get to learn the new features. Image and video linking are automatic, so many features and this will continue to be upgraded as these forums are very much active in development.

There is a new menu system for the site now, a lot of the old sections will be tucked away under a main heading now, so have a look through them to find what you are missing.

Instant Messaging - New

The older server did not like to send email messages, well, to basically anyone bar myself, you can still send emails to users via the forums, but I have installed a new Instant messaging system to allow you to IM people, just go into their profile and you will see the small icon for that. There is a link up next to the search box and an icon that will flash green if you have messages in your inbox.

News Area - Upgraded

This old area required a news editor to spend a lot of time sourcing news items and manually posting them, we certainly appreciate the efforts of the people who have done that in the past. Now, we use an automated RSS feed to gather the stories from Google News. Looks different, completely automated, looks after itself.

Feature Articles and Guest Author Stories - Upgraded

Now much easier for me to add new stories, plus, it has a powerful gallery built in for images. If you have an idea for a feature article, we would love to hear from you.

Dive-Oz Classifieds - Upgraded - AGAIN

The old Buy, Swap & Sell was a very popular section in the old site, the new system is far more powerful, allows images in listings, automatically deletes listings after 30 days and more. It is just a pity this system we are using is no longer in development, so it will never see any upgrades etc, but it does what it does really well. I think you will like it, you can even subscribe to an RSS feed!

The addon I was using for the 2014 Classifieds area was no longer compatible with the 2017 site, I have installed a newer system again, but that is still being configured before I can make it live.

Dive-Oz Online Store - NEW

We used to do everything the hard way in the old site, not any more, now we have a powerful store built in, calculates freight, Paypal checkout, makes it easy for you, and for me. We will add new products to this over time, the small profits we make help to keep the site online.

If you would like to read about what we still have to do to complete the upgrade and migration, you can read about that here.