SS Courier

Location: Ships Graveyard
State: VIC
Date Sank: 1928
Vessel Type: Bay Steamer
Construction Material: Steel
Max Depth: 42
Average Depth: 42
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Deep
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Use any of the local charters as they have the GPS marks for her. Be careful if diving from private vessels as she lays in the shipping paths used for the Port of Melbourne.
Wreck Description: The steel-hulled S.S. Courier, of 728 tons, was launched in Scotland in 1887 and arrived in Melbourne at the end of the year to begin running in the Melbourne-Geelong trade in January 1888. The Courier remained in service until November 1927 where age and economics (the Great Depression era) forced her withdrawal from service and sale to ship breakers. The hull was stripped of everything of value and towed through The Port Phillip Heads on March 27 1928 and scuttled. Rarely dived because of depth and shipping traffic into the Port of Melbourne, she is a remarkable dive with everything divers could wish for on the wreck, lots of marine life and penetration possibilities. The Courier lays in 42 metres of water and the hull has mostly collapsed. The bow and stern sections are lay to starboard and are the best-preserved parts of the hull. The fore deck has virtually a full deck of planking, although slowly rotting away and some railing remains on the starboard side. The deck area is large and is an impressive sight, standing well clear of the surrounding sandy seabed. There are still remains of the tiling used in the first class area and waving the silt away exposes the rich red and greens of the individual tiles. The hull has totally collapsed immediately behind the fore deck area leaving the remnants sitting on the sandy bottom. Behind this are the two boilers sitting in line separated by the two supports for the funnels. The stern is also relatively intact although less so that the bow. Fish life abounds on this wreck and the steel plates and wooden fittings are covered in pink jewel anemones and yellow zoeanthids making a breathtaking sight for all that visit her. This seems to be the only wreck in the "Graveyard" with pink anemones growing so profusely. The depth of this wreck also introduces its own complexities and, as such, diving on her requires planning for mandatory deco obligations.