Location: Ardrossan
State: SA
Date Sank: 1867
Vessel Type: Barque
Construction Material: Iron
Max Depth: 18
Average Depth: 16
Average Visibility: 5
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: You need a permit from Dept. of Heritage to dive this wreck. Details on how to find it are on there. The wreck is buoyed, so its easy to find.
Wreck Description: What a dive!!! The viz was good on the day we dived it, (for the area), about 5-6 metres...... Its right at the top of the gulf, so there are HUGE currents, and as I mentioned, viz is bad on a good day. But apart from all this, a brilliant dive. We saw no less than 7 wobbegongs, all fairly large, (biggest over 3metres), there are flathead EVERYWHERE, literally hundreds of them. Some quite large too. We swam over a flathead, scaring it, so it took off, straight into the path of a numbray, which jumped up, zapped the flathead, and then went back into the sand!!! AWESOME!!! The wreck is a marine reserve, so no fishing or taking anything from it. Its also a historic wreck, so you can't so much as touch anything on it. As for the wreck, it was built in 1865, and sunk in 1867. She was a 3 masted composite ship, 42 metres long. What is so special about her, is that due to the salinity of that end of the gulf, the worms haven't gotten to her yet, so she is remarkably intact, for her age. She lies on her side, and a bit of the superstructure is still standing. A dive well worth doing, but can only be done on a dodge tide, and the best weather.