Location: Stenhouse Bay
State: SA
Date Sank: 1933
Vessel Type: Barque
Construction Material: steel
Max Depth: 8
Average Depth: 7
Average Visibility: 10
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: 100metres from Stenhouse Bay Jetty, have a look at the information plaque for exact location.
Wreck Description: Scuttled as a breakwater in 1933, after running aground, and trying to make it back to Port Adelaide, she was then towed to Stenhouse to be used as a breakwater. Not much left now, except a few ribs, and the stern post, but if you dig in the sand, you can see good sized bits of her. Makes a good dive when you can't get out of Marion Bay / Ponde, because of the weather.