Cochrane Artifical Reef

Location: Bargara
State: QLD
Max Depth: 18
Average Depth: 15
Average Visibility: 13
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Situated approximately 3 nautical miles off the coast from Elliott Heads this site is without doubt our most sought after dive location. Accessed by either a fifteen minute boat trip from Bargara Beach or a ten minute trip from the Elliott. Access from riverview boatramp on the Elliott river. GPS mark for main structure (ceratodus ii )barge is 24
Wreck Description: This artificial reef is a great success story. The prolific and diverse marine life that resides and visits the area is proof that these reefs work extremely well. This location offers a variety of individual sites including; the 33 metre wreck of the 'Ceratadus II' (Sand Dredge), two Mohawk aircraft, King Air aircraft, water tower and a huge variety of specially constructed concrete modules, pipes and assorted other structures. A 400 x 800m artificial reef containing 2 steel barges, the 2 decommissioned breaksea lightships, 3 aircraft, steel tanks and numerous steel and concrete structures. Currently 24 major structures many of which are linked underwater by concrete block trails.Fishlife is both diverse and plentiful, manta rays, dolphins, pelagics, large friendly estuary cod, a family of grouper, coral trout, red emporer, mackeral,tuskfish leopard sharks rays and numerous coral reef species. Over 150 different species have been identifies during the scheduled monitoring dives. Only 10 years ago this was a barren sand patch. A detailed site map with gps coordinates is available in pdf format or from Saltys Dive Centre in Bundaberg. Special recognition must be made of Alan & Brenda Cochrane who spent many years fighting red tape to gain permission for the formation of the reef. The members of the Artificial Reef Committee and local divers who supported the project should also be congratulated on its outstanding success. The Queensland Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries Research Division have adopted the reef as a field study site to assist in formulating policies for future artificial reef proposals. The wreck of the Ceratadus II has been submerged the longest (about 7 years) and features the most abundant fish life on the reef. Huge cod, barracuda, coral trout, giant trevally, rays, turtles and sharks are frequent visitors and support the amazing variety of smaller reef species. The aircraft and the water tower are more recent additions and also feature an amazing variety of marine life. Site details supplied by Bargara Dive Centre - Bargara.