Mauna Loa

Location: Darwin Harbour
State: NT
Date Sank: 1942
Vessel Type: Cargo Ship steel hull
Construction Material: steel
Max Depth: 19
Average Depth: 19
Average Visibility: 2
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Via Darwin Sub Aqua Club Fannie Bay N.T Chart Aus 28 12 Deg 29.86'S 130 Deg 49.16'E
Wreck Description: USS Mauna Loa Tonnage 5436,length410 ft steel hull 2 decks , Transport ship another victim of the bombing of Darwin Cargo includes military equipment, armaments,motorcycles and trucks remain at the wreck site. Upper portion of hull & superstructure were raised for scrap. Darwin Harbours tidal influence unfortunately makes visibilty a problem.