USS Meigs

Location: Darwin Harbour
State: NT
Date Sank: 1942
Vessel Type: Transport Ship
Construction Material: steel
Max Depth: 20
Average Depth: 18
Average Visibility: 3
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Darwin Sub Aqua Club Fannie Bay N.T Local dive gang
Wreck Description: Steel Hull construction 12568 Ton length 430 ft breadth 54.3 dpth 26.2 2 decks Built: USA , Date Lost 19 Feb 1942. Bombed by japanese Cargo: Ammo, Railway lines , Bren gun carriers, trucks. Partially salvaged Fujita salvage co Osaka Japan. This wreck is a cargo ship that was sunk in the first bombing of Darwin Campaign in WWII the super structure of the wreck has been salvaged but all the cargo that was bound for East Timor is still left on the site. With a bit of imagination you'll see a Bren gun carrier number 2 1/2 tonne trunks railway sleepers and if you look carefully enough you may even find ammuniton in the sand and silt that covers the bottom, there is also lots of fish life coral to looks at as well.