Coogee Pier

Location: Coogee
State: WA
Average Depth: 9mtrs
Maximum Depth: 15mtrs
Average Visibility: 5mtrs
Construction Material: Timber
Access Type: Public
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Drive south of Fremantle down Cockburn Road and turn into the Woodman Point Nature Reserve. Kit up in the car park or in the picnic area, Its a definite picnic area with BBQ's, toilets etc provided but it's a good location if you have family members who don't dive. After kitting up walk along the concrete path towards the beach, you can either walk in off the sand or for the more adventurous you can jump off the pier -though make sure you do that from the deeper end!!

Description: The dive is a great dive for beginners or those who are just getting back into diving, you just simply follow out the wooden pier and explore the sealife, the piers themselves are covered in an abundance of sea life, corals, nudibranchs - surprisingly there are a large amount of fish that live there and a resident seal who likes to visit the divers!

The deepest portion of the jetty would be approximately 15 metres with the majority at around 8m. There are many fisherman who are on the pier 24 -7 so you can usually find some spare rods, chairs or dive knifes that have fallen. It's a very easy yet pretty dive to do - not to mention in a friendly area for families. On weekends you will find a fair number of open water courses and rescue courses being run there!