Blairgowrie Breakwater/ Yacht Squadron

Location: Blairgowrie, Southern Mornington Peninsula
State: VIC
Average Depth: 5mtrs
Maximum Depth: 7mtrs
Average Visibility: 5mtrs
Construction Material: Timber
Access Type: Public
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Often overlooked but a great little spot to dive.

Drive to Blairgowrie between Rye and Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay, approx 80 min from Melbourne.

Park in the Yacht Squadron carpark and gear up. Walk down in front of the club rooms near the beach and access the jetty. Quite often fishermen will be there, keep walking until you see steps to the lower section. Two ladders are available for entry/ exit but a giant stride entry of 1m max is the way to go.
Description: Lots of sponge covered pylons, in my opinion the best pier dive in Port Phillip Bay.

Once you come to the end of the pier turn left and dive along the breakwater (breakwater extends right for a short way, but it's basically L shaped), fishermen can't access this part. It gets deeper with lots of dead shells and inside there is a mass of sponge.

I also think it's best as a Night dive...nudibranchs, dumpling squid, southern calamari squid, octopus, seahorses, various molluscs, spider crabs (lots of them), globe fish, leather jackets, stingarees, banjo sharks and sometimes large rays. More fish nearer the end of the breakwater

A good 75min dive will allow you to cover the entire length of the jetty, then breakwater and return to the stairs. Best dived closer to high tide as deeper. Nearest air is Rye.

Have fun.