Picanninnie Ponds

Location: Mt Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 36mtrs
Average Depth: 20mtrs
Average Visibility: 200mtrs
CDAA Certification: Sinkhole
Access Type: Permit Required
Site Owner: Dep't of Environment, Heritage & Aboriginal AffairsPO Box 1046MOUNT GAMBIER, SA 5290(08) 8735 1177
Access Info: Permit required from Dep't of Environment, Heritage & Aboriginal Affairs (08) 8735 1177

Nearest Airfills: Mt Gambier
Directions: Follow the Nelson Road out of Mt Gambier, follow the signs...

Description: This site is a CDAA Sinkhole rated site. You cannot dive it without the correct training and certification.

The site is controlled by Department of Environment, Heritage & Aboriginal Affairs and a permit is required to dive it.

There are STRICT depth restrictions also, because of the numerous deaths that have occurred in this hole. There is a sign at 36.5metres (100ft), and no-one is allowed to go deeper. There is a full-time park ranger employed specifically to monitor this, and he is a CDAA certified diver, and has been known to meet divers at their deco stops, to check computers and gauges!

Now that bits out of the way...

Pics is the 8th wonder of the world! A freshwater spring, with unlimited visibility.

It goes down "The Slot" to a ledge at 36.5 metres, from which is "The Dogleg", that goes down to a few other bits, with a maximum depth of around 90 odd metres, which of course can't be gotten to. From the slot, you can proceed back up to "The Cathedral". This is what makes it one of the best, if not the best dive in the world! Sitting in the Cathedral, at 15-20metres, at around 11am on a sunny day, you can see the suns rays shining through the reeds on the surface, it makes for a photographers dream!

There are freshwater eels, Marin, Bream, Ducks, and other freshwater species in here also.

An absolutely magic dive, words can't describe it!