Hells Hole

Location: Mt Gambier
State: SA
Max Depth: 26mtrs
Average Depth: 15mtrs
Average Visibility: 10mtrs
CDAA Certification: Sinkhole
Access Type: Permit Required
Site Owner: Forestry SAPO Box 162MOUNT GAMBIER, SA 5290Ph: (08) 8724 2876Fax: (08) 8724 2885
Access Info: For access to Forestry SA dive sites the following conditions apply:

Permits for Hells Hole may be obtained by one of the following:

e-mail -
Nearest Airfills: Mt Gambier
Directions: When you get the key's, they give you a map as well. It is in the forest, and fairly easy to get to, with the map.

Description: What a dive site! There is a 30 metre drop to the water, all around this sinkhole. No ramps. No ladders, No Platforms. Lower the gear by rope, abseil in, don your gear in the water, and do the dive with your climbing harness still on.

Finish the dive, take your gear off, to be hauled up, after you climb 30 metres + of wire ladder. For a half hour dive, its a helluva lot of hard work, but well worth it. This dive site is commonly used as a training ground for Nullarbor trips.

The dive itself isn't too bad. Typical sinkhole, with lots of crap in the water. Shotgun shells everywhere, a sunken dinghy, (in 2 pieces, full of bullet holes) :-) Tree branches are everywhere in the shallow centre section, and need to be avoided. Down one end, in the deeper section, there are some swim-thru's. The other end gets down to around 25 or so metres.

All up, a days work, for a single dive, but well worth the effort. It really has to be done once, just so you can say you've done it!