Bakers Cave

Location: 200m from Gouldens
State: SA
Max Depth: 26mtrs
Average Depth: 20mtrs
Average Visibility: 50mtrs
CDAA Certification: Cave
Access Type: CDAA Card
Site Owner: Mr R Baker
Access Info: The site is open the last weekend of the month, October through April inclusive. Access will be given to one group, max 6 divers, each day between 10am and 3pm. At least one member of the group must have dived the site before. The indemnity form must be filled out, and returned with the application, in writing or via email to the site director.

Nearest Airfills: Blink Bonney
Directions: Entrance to the property is just on the little blue side of the Bend in the road at Goulden's sinkhole. All cars must wait at the entrance to the property, and enter the property at 10am. No cars are to enter / leave the property without the entire group.

Description: Bakers is a solution tube entrance, with a 10m drop to the water. Climbing gear is required to dive it. One of the access conditions for the site, is that one person must remain above ground at all times.

There are a lot of fossilised bones in the cave, as well as numerous bottles and rubbish below the entrance tube. It is a down slope, heading towards gouldens. Off to both sides are swim-thru's and rooms, you can do a loop through a crack in the wall fairly shallow on one side, right down a side passage to the bottom of the cave, and back out into the main section. Quite a pretty dive, with clear water, but with the usual thick black silt lining the bottom, careful control of buoyancy and finning technique is a must.

Not the biggest site in Gambier, but nonetheless, quite a pretty one, and definitely worth the effort to dive it.