Rum Jungle Lake

Location: Batchelor NT
State: NT
Max Depth: 54mtrs
Average Depth: 30mtrs
Average Visibility: 5mtrs
CDAA Certification: Sinkhole
Access Type: CDAA Card
Site Owner: Coomalie Community Government Council
Access Info: Unrestricted Access currently exists - please refer advice in Guidelines No. 68 and No. 75

Nearest Airfills: Darwin
Directions: Follow the signs from Batchelor or ask at the shop.

Description: Ex open cut uranium mine now flooded. Easy access from car track and picnic area. Top 10m or so is very murky, so much so that little light penetrates below this. The sides and the bottom are coated in black silt, making it darker still. Occasional yellow streaks of uranium oxide can be seen in the mud. Nothing alive to be seen, but specifically there are apparently no saltwater crocodiles. Deep, dark and spooky but an interesting experience.