Location: Half Moon Bay, Black Rock
State: VIC
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 4mtrs
Max Depth: 5mtrs
Average Visibility: 6mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Look in Melways (85 H2) for access to Black Rock Yacht Club / Boat Ramp at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock and park car in lower carpark near water, not in the upper carpark as the climb after a dive will destroy you as it is very steep.
Description: While the main dive sites in Melbourne tend to be at the lower end of the bay around Portsea there are still some sites in the upper end of Port Philip Bay that are worth having a look around. These sites can be pretty murky and not have much life, being either fished or speared out. One of the popular sites would be Black Rock near the Yacht Club but tends to be shallow with a max of 5 metres.

Depending on what you like doing, one of the main attractions with this site is that it is VERY close to town and makes it easy to pop down and get wet without having the long trip down the Peninsula. This site can be done as a night dive with any critters that still live in the rocks coming out then. The entries and exits are all pretty easy here, nothing too hard or ankle breaking. The last time I dived here (late '99), the morning was quite pleasant but absolutely NO fish life to be seen (see previous comment). When an afternoon breeze came up and it turned horrible fairly quickly. The area beach side of the jetty is used by local dive shops as a training area for Rescue Diver or Diver Life Saver courses.

The Cerberus is OFF LIMITS to divers with numerous signs stating the fact. The site is off limits because the hull has deteriorated and is collapsing further with every big blow that occurs. Most weekends yachties tend to wizz around near the breakwater near the Cerberus so it is best to keep away as not having motors tends to make the yachts dangerous to divers.