Location: Melbourne - Lonsdale Wall
State: VIC
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Average Depth: 18mtrs
Max Depth: 30mtrs
Average Visibility: 8mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Any of the local charter operators should have knowledge about this site. I know that Dive Victoria make regular trips to this site.
Description: This site goes by the funny name of Foggy Reef... so far I have heard two versions of how it got its name.

The first version: This site got the name when it was dived on by mistake one morning due to a bad fog obscuring the marks for a particular part of the Lonsdale Wall.

The second version: The site got the name as it is usually dived on the slackwater of the ebb tide so the water is usually cloudy until the flood tide brings fresh water into the area.

When I first dived this site, I had grave concerns that the water would be hopelessly clouded with gunk because of the ebb. Other divers I had asked about this site had bagged it as saying it was pretty average. I suppose that it all depends on what you expect or like to dive on!!

Boy were my expectations wrong.. this site was fantastically clean and clear. The vis was around the 20M mark (and that is inside the bay!!). This site is a combination wall and kelp bed dive.. The top ledge is around the 13-15M mark with lots of kelp but dropping over the edge brings you to ledge after ledge of soft corals and sponges... really pretty and full of fish life.

Lots of Southern Blue Devils, Magpie Morwongs and Long-snouted Boarfish with the usual Old Wifes and Leather Jackets.

If you are looking for a dive you haven't done before, try this one.. it is deeper than Kelpbeds or Easter Bommie because of the wall and ledges.