Waterfall Bay

Location: Tasman Peninsula
State: TAS
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 18mtrs
Max Depth: 22mtrs
Average Visibility: 20mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: Ten minutes south from Pirates Bay Jetty. Waterfall Bay and Waterfall Bluff has 10 separate dive sites. Best way to get there is with Eaglehawk Dive Centre. Call in at the dive centre if you have your own boat as advise is free. They also have air, equipment for hire or sale and accommodation in the divers loft.
Description: Patterson’s Arch:
This is a dive for every level of experience. Small cave and canyon, with spectacular walls. Average depth 18metres

Suicide Cliffs:
Reef and walls, good second dive or good if wind is northerly.

Studio Two:
Good for divers with limited experience or students. Some kelp forest, and good chance of finding sea dragons.

Dragon City:
One of the best sites for observing weedy sea dragons. We have seen as many as nine on one dive including juveniles.

Horseshoe Cave:
A very good cave to dive in flat water. Go into this cave on the left side as the view coming out on the right side is spectacular.

Dogleg Cave:
Can be dived in most conditions. Enter by the small cave that gives this site its name. The dogleg into the other bigger cave is an interesting area spend some time here exploring all the nooks and crannies (small passageways and swim thru's. Look up and look out for hand fish). Only enter the big cave in calm conditions, as the big room deep inside the cliff is shallow with a low roof. I always stop at the white boulders and assess the surge. If the HORIZONTAL movement is more than 1/2 a metre, DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER. When returning to the boat you can follow the cliff face from the bigger cave entrance back to the smaller over huge boulders and along the wall. The walls are rather spectacular so swim slowly and enjoy.

Cathedral Cave:
This is the best sea cave dive in Tasmania and should be dived more than once to really appreciate it. SEE THE SEPARATE LISTING

Knome Cave and the Bluff:
This can be dived from the mooring at Cathedral. The bluff and the entrance to Knome cave is for everybody (21 metres). No more than three divers in Knome cave and use a reel as this cave can become a zero vis dive. DO NOT GO TO THE END OF THIS CAVE IN SWELLY CONDITIONS AS IT BECOMES SHALLOWER THE MORE YOU PENERTRATE (10-12 metres)

Headbanger Cave and the Dragons Lair:
This rates highly as with the rest. Good in Northerly conditions when Cathedral isn't. Regular sittings of Weedy sea dragons in the centre of Little Waterfall Bay. Some nice walls and smaller caves at the back of the bay in flat conditions only.