Blacks Reef

Location: Victor Harbor
State: SA
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 8mtrs
Max Depth: 14mtrs
Average Visibility: 15mtrs
Access Type: BOAT/SHORE
Directions: Launch at the Bluff boat ramp, head towards Wright Island, and Blacks covers most of the bottom in between the two. From shore, follow the dirt road from the boat ramp, towards the end of the bluff, but stop at the first corner. Get in the water there, line up with the two buoys, and swim... and swim...
Description: A long swim if doing it from shore, but well worth it.

Blacks is quite a large reef system, more than 500 metres square. It covers most of the area between the bluff boat ramp, and Wright Island.

There are a series of bommies surrounding the main reef, so there is always plenty of different spots to cover.

There are plenty of small crayfish here, and the odd legal one. Weedy seadragons are almost always seen, and if you're lucky, you will see a leafy. There are also the usual leatherjackets, small rays in the sand, blue devils, and lots of others.