Coral Village

Location: Fitzroy Reef Lagoon
State: QLD
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 12mtrs
Max Depth: 20mtrs
Average Visibility: 25mtrs
Access Type: BOAT
Directions: A day trip vessel from the Town of 1770, Reef Jet, is the only boat permitted to operate in Fitzroy Reef Coral Lagoon. Fitzroy Reef is approx. 33 nautical miles from 1770.
Description: This is a drift dive, from the boat, Navigator (tender to Reef Jet) along the outer north-western wall of the lagoon, Starts or Finishes, depending on the tide, in shallows of about 5 mtrs with an incredible array of pristine corals: branching, plating, tabulating, encrusting, bouldering, digitates, lace, needle and much more than can be described! This coral is of excellent health and colour, also flourishing with abundant fish life: all of the colourful varieties of small fish you can imagine!

The dive then drops into deeper water, where the site name ''Coral village'' becomes apparent, as huge bouldering corals are dotted across the sea floor like the cartoon Smurf village! Living amongst this incredible landscape are Maori Wrasse over 1 metre long, Reef sharks, Sea turtles, Sea snakes, coral trout, the occasional Manta Ray and a Qld Groper approx. 2 metres long.