Location: Lady Elliot Island
State: QLD
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 20mtrs
Max Depth: 21mtrs
Average Visibility: 15mtrs
Access Type: BOAT/SHORE
Directions: Did it with a guide.
Description: There is a fair swim out to these scattered bommies, we found 2 large anchors and 1 small anchor on the dives that we did at this site. There are more there, you just got to find them!

There are plenty of big schools of different fish that hang around here most of the time. In particular, there are quite a few Butterfly Cod (Not in schools!) that are quite striking in their colouration and make for great video. The bommies themselves are covered in quite a bit of colourful growth and it is worth having a closer look for smaller subjects for Macro.