Barron Falls

Location: Cairns
State: QLD
Diver Qualification: Advanced
Average Depth: 12mtrs
Max Depth: 18mtrs
Average Visibility: 12mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: Go to Kuranda and make your way to the Barron Falls lookout. Just when you get near to the lookout you will see a service road jut into the forest on your left. Take that road as far as you can drive. When you stop you may have to walk a way to the site. If you fid the railway you are on track (sorry).

Follow the railway track (watch out for tourists on the Kuranda train). Get to the falls and then rock hop down onto the face of the falls. There are a number of 'wet' areas to have a dip in. The main one is at the southern most asoect of the face of the falls. Swimmers jump from 10 meters up so watch your head.
Description: The water in the southern area is dark, black and cold. The depth can get down to 16 meters (well that's how deep I got and it kept going) it is a bit narly as it gets dark pretty quick so take a torch with you.

If you are keen, there is another bigger 'lagoon' placed a little more north east and at a lower aspect. But be careful with this one as the authorities tend to turn on the falls to appease the tourist and you will get a bit of a current happening.... quite a bit... you will get washed out and end up in Cairns..... talk to the Barron River Hydro people before you dive any of these sites..