Location: Sydney - North
State: NSW
Diver Qualification: Open Water
Average Depth: 7mtrs
Max Depth: 15mtrs
Average Visibility: 4mtrs
Access Type: SHORE
Directions: The best access is to park in Fairlight Crescent, gear up and walk down the path to the park.
Parking on the main road means risking parking fines, or crossing a busy street in full gear, dodging busses and taxis!
Description: This is a site to go look for things to see. There are three wrecks in the area, a WWI submarine (mostly twisted pipes now) off the eastern point, a small speedboat at about 110 degrees off the western point and another (rumoured large cruiser further out from the bay. My favourite prt is the wall that runs along the western side of the bay. You can enter from the rocks here, or off the beach, and just follow the bottom out until you hit the wall, which runs in a southerly direction. It has overhangs, small caves and finishes with boulders and rocks onto the sandy / silty bottom.

Look out for sponges, sea tulips, small fish schooling as well as rays, stangarees, sole and flatheads on the bottom. Look inside the overhangs and caves for night fish sheltering. We spotted a conger eel in one cave, although he hasn't been seen since. Blue gropers come up hoping for food and the ever present Sydney population of cuttlefish is well represented.

Further out on the sand there is outcrops of rock, most of which have sponge and other growths teeming with macro life. Go slow and enjoy the view!

On sunny days, dive in the afternoon, and enjoy the light streaming across the wall, creating shadows and fantastic scenery!